It's a combination of the words gay + prom, meaning is a gay af prom.
x: I went to prom with a girl even though I kinda liked a guy that time lol.
y: we should have our own prom again but now we can be queer af.
x: Yeah! it should be the best grom ever!
by September 14, 2020
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A Grom is a term for someone who is exceedingly repulsive or foul in some way

Used as an insult towards people or things
"can you smell that GROM over there?"
"that smells fucking repulsive"
by Riccy46 March 07, 2020
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This term refers to the group of people that think it’s cool to vape in high school bathrooms. Always skip classes and when they do show up they are high. Are you type of person to scream, “where’s my juul?” after miss placing it.
“Why is there a group of people vaping outside the school?”
“Those are groms, don’t pay attention to them.”
via giphy
by tjc January 18, 2019
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grom is just when u vibe with the boys and everyone is high and you just chill and fuck around
also grom could be random shit u say when your high
johnny: lol
by greentone March 18, 2020
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