Hot, better than reem. best thing created. fresh. peng-a-leng.
wooh, look at that guy. he is grez.
by Like, Dope. May 27, 2012
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Group of the coolest kids ever (except Unai). Then make legit custom hoodies and hate on MS. Riggio on their spare time. Some of them make cringy TikToks but it’s okay because they are all gangster. Out of all the guys in the grez gang, Elyes has the biggest peepee.
*somebody jumps off 15 story building and lands on their feet like a chad*
Person 1: “hey look that guy is so cool”
Person 2: “yeah but he’s still not good enough to be in the grez gang
by Peepeepoopoo 123 October 20, 2019
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