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A 12-year-old kid that got popular for singing a covered version of Lady GaGa's "Paparazzi" at a talent show and putting it on YouTube..

Ellen DeGeneres found him and put him on her show and he's been on there like, twice now, I think..

A lot of people compare him to Justin Bieber, but Greyson's voice is much better imo..

The only thing that bothers me are the stupid teen girls that think he's "oh so HOTT!!" when he's a little 12-year-old boy.. wtf is wrong with you??
JB Fan: omg there's this new guy named Greyson Chance and he's like, sooo hott and he's JUST like Justin Bieber!!!!

Person: Umm, not really.. His voice is like, 10 times better and he's 12-fuckin'-years-old, get over yourself!!
by Miss Cherie May 26, 2010
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A twelve year old music genius. Became very popular on the web in a very short space of time after performing Lady GaGa's "Paparazzi". It's freakin spectacular.
Some people think he's the next Justin Bieber.
"Omg Justin bieber's so hot!"
"Justin who? Greyson Chance babyy!"
by blahblahblah12344 May 13, 2010
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A smart, cute, funny 14 year old boy from Edmond, Oklahoma. He always seems to have a smile on his face. Been on tour with Cody Simpson, AND Miranda Cosgrove. Cares so much about his fans, and you can seriously tell. He has 2 albums out, Hold On Til The Night (which I have),and Waiting Outside The Lines. Pure talent ladies and gentleman. GO BUY HIS ALBUMS NOW.

P.S. If you're reading this, Grey, follow me on twitter, please? @Sam_Chance
Haley- What are you listening to...?

Samantha- Home is in your eyes.

Haley- Who sings it? He's kinda good...

Samantha- Greyson Chance- my future husband. It's from his new album Hold On Til The Night.

Haley- Future husband? Yeah, okay. Can I borrow it? I don't feel like buying it...

Samantha- Anything to spread the Enchancer Pride :)
by Enchancer For Life August 29, 2011
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A now 17 year old kid who got famous by posting a cover of him singing Paparazzi which caused him to get discovered by Ellen. His favorite word is "soon" and enjoys telling his fans that new music & his new album is coming soon when in reality soon isn't even close.
Margarite - Hey, when is Planet X by Greyson Chance going to be released!
Greyson - Soon!!
-5 months later-
Greyson - Planet X to be released soon!
Greyson - Soon!
Greyson - S O O N
by xtiffc January 18, 2015
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