Term used among some IT folks to refer to computers with a freshly installed operating system. The term greenfield references the default desktop wallpaper on a computer installed with Windows XP. The wallpaper shows a nice green field.

A "non-greenfield" computer refers to a used computer which has been in use for a while where the user may have made changes to it, additional software, drivers, etc have been installed
This laptop was totally greenfield yesterday! Who's the numbnut who installed the entire stupid HP Printer software suite

This software can be applied to a non-greenfield computer, i.e. we don't have to start from scratch
by RESguru October 14, 2009
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A small suburb of Indianapolis, famous for James Whitcomb Riley, Jaycie Phelps (Olympian) and Corn. Made up of mostly farmers, Super Walmart and white kids.
"Who's down for hitting up Indy? Greenfield sucks."
by ElleROCKS August 21, 2008
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A small town on the outskirts of Indianapolis. Considered to be the WORST place to live, with absolutely nothing to do, the most terrible school system, and filled with white people, who hate African-Americans, yet attempt to act Black themselves. Also known for its extensive population of wiggers and uneducated, inbred, wannabe thugs. Do not ever consider moving here. Im serious. No really, just stay out of Indiana as a whole. Or the US... try Canada.
Person1: I live in Greenfield.

Person2: Sorry to hear that..
by CC02 January 16, 2010
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Greenfield is a small town in Indiana, east of Indianapolis. Filled with farmers and people trying to think theyre black, when they hate black people. Dont ever live here....trust me
"Yo, G. Why dat N***** here? Damn, lets go rob some corn in that field next to the Greenfield Bank."
by Alford December 9, 2007
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home to the greenfield High school band, the Franklin county fair and many more sites to see.
Did you just see the Greenfield High School Marching Band play in the fair parade?
by jadea0406 March 31, 2012
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Greenfield is the best of all fields. Not only is Greenfield the field where all the hotties, boys and girls, hang out, it's also where all action happens and where the drama and entertainment is. It's basically Madison Square Garden for the coolest, and awesomest people out there. It's also very beautiful, filled with pieces of naturally made pieces of art which are all picture worthy. There is always something going on and the place is packed with food, entertainment, and music.
"Yo, I got invited to Greenfield tonight, wanna come?"
"Is that even a fucking question? Fuck yeah I want to come!"
by fieldofthegreen May 18, 2015
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Welcome to Greenfield, the land of filth
Of which half the residence are already killed
Needles in the dirt, forevermore
Filled with whores and retards to the core
For if you need a pill, this is the place
But honesty is not forseen in this case
(dylan's verse)
Just raggedy bitches
And babies left in ditches
There is trash in the street
Oh wait, it's just the place trashy people meet
Corruption and suduction
A town set for self destruction
So please please don't come here
For your own sake, steer fucking clear
(emma's verse)
true Greenfield
by computetech March 9, 2016
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