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Term used to describe "Evil Eye Sour Green Apple" drink. Sold in 40's for the classiest look and may be disguised in a brown paper bag. Helps cheap folks stay classy, gives wonderful gut rot, and aids in the making of good decisions.
Being much too cheap to buy beer, yet still yearning to be sloppy drunk, Jake purchased Green Drank.
by GreenDrank4Eva August 23, 2010
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The resulting mixture when blue powerade is mixed with orange Hi-C in a 4:3 ratio. It appears like stagnant dirty algae pond water. However, green drank tastes like when you take a Fruit Roll-Up, roll it up into a ball, and eat it, except in liquid form.
Everytime I go to the dining hall, people give me strange looks when I make myself some green drank.
by Jamol March 05, 2009
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Similar to purple drank in that it uses cough syrup; however, this concoction is the result of mixing a quarter of a bottle of nyquil with yellow amp. The flavor is reminiscent of blueberries and lemonade whilst the hue of the resulting drank is green...very green. As if the hulk jerked off a load of green gooey hulk cum into a Styrofoam cup, this drink has the power to spawn new little green drank babies..not really. It'll probably just put you in a coma or get you a little fucked up.
Bill: "Man, is that purple drank?"
Jim: "Hell naw! This shit her' be green drank."
Bill: "Damn, that that hulk cum shit?"
Jim: "Fuck yah!"
Bill: "I heard that shit'll fuck up yo kidneys and stop your heart."
Jim: "..." (Falls to ground)
Bill: "Shit."
by Drinkmeister January 31, 2011
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a Group of people having a good time in a hot tub full of bitches
John: β€œ oh shit who are they

Derek: β€œoh shit nigga that’s green drank, grab your girl and hold her tight, they’re know for stealing bitches and fucking them in green hot tub water to give them a yeast infection”
by yuhhearddddd December 03, 2018
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