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Originating from the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 it was used to describe a teammate whom you do not know. These team mates will show up on the radar map as green arrows or “Green Dots”. Often used during times of anger or frustration when a fellow team mate is doing something that offends you, “Green Dot” could be shouted over a microphone to encompass any one of the people on your team in hopes that the one committing the offensive action would hear you and stop what they were doing.

Green Dot can also be used in real life to describe others around you that you do not know or are not acquainted with. This includes people at the park, at school or a party.
Example 1
Player 1: *Stealing Care Package*

Example 2
Player 1: "Fuckin green dot!! get out of the way!"

Example 3
Student 1: "WOW, this class is crowded!!"
Student 2: "Yup, I don't like green dots breathing my air!"
by jcortes August 15, 2011
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an older man who fucks younger girls (typically underage)
Oh yo, did u hear about Joey?”
“Yeah, that kids a green dot... what a scumbag.”
by Lickmuhdick420 April 23, 2018
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