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a place where generally drunk and e-tarded children can party on a wednesday and do things they regret.
located at club 525 in downtown San Francisco, EPR is like a convention for sluts, horny underage boys and wanna be rave creepers alike.

ALSO comparable to bad rave events since many people enjoy wearing their kandi, fluffies and hipster glasses without lenses.
I went to epr last night and realized that was five dollars i'll never get back

There was an awesome DJ at epr last night... too bad the drunk sweaty children and etarded messes made it impossible to enjoy :'(

i EPR'd last night so hard i think I'll be ashamed of myself for months!
by hellnowewontgo April 11, 2011
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Short for a party in San Francisco called Electro Pop Rocks. EPR is the largest Wednesday night party in California and possibly the largest in the US with thousands of people attending every Wednesday night.

It's generally considered to be the party that shifted the most popular night to go out in the Bay Area from Saturday to Wednesday.

EPR's success has produced several copy-cat parties on Wednesday and even other nights that imitate different aspects of the show.
I went to EPR last night and EPR'd so hard I didn't make it to class on Thursday.
by Ross Fm July 25, 2011
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