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Green Daying is a verb, which describes when somebody is listening to songs by the American Punk Rock band - Green Day, continously, for a fairly large amount of time.

The reason verbs like this do not exist for other bands, is because not all bands can be listened to for a long amount of time, without getting boring.

Usually, iTunes is used to Green dayage. But Sometimes MP3 players etc. can be used. In most cases, at least 15 or more songs are needed to Green Dayage.

A true Green Dayager will try to get his/her hands on every Green Day song avaliable, through any means possible.

For many people, Green Dayaging is a hobby. It's something they like to do when they are feeling down, or why they are feeling up, or... in fact, in any mood.
Mike had been Green Dayaging all night long and he only stopped because he had to go out. This is an example of "Green Daying"
by Green Dayer December 05, 2009
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n. A euphemism for masturbation in reference to the song "All By Myself." Used mostly by ugly-ass high school girls passing notes at the Twins game next to the left field pole.
Ugly Girl 1: I've been Greendaying every once in a while, but i really don't think about Jesse all that often. I swear.

Ugly Girl 2: Eeeeeww!!!

*stupid bitches*
by paddlenaked June 27, 2004
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