a green day is a wasted day where you do nothing but smoke pot (an illegal drug) it is also the name of a popular punk band.
ie. i am having a green day tomorow.
i like green day
by bob geldof February 16, 2005
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1. A day of smoking pot.

2. One of the best punk bands ever.
Girl: Billy Joe is so hawt!!!
Me&Freind: It's Billie Joe.
Girl: Whatev...
Me&Freind: Do you even like Green Day for their music?
Girl:Eww I Hate Punk!!!
Me&Freind: Freak...
by No-Name-Kid March 10, 2008
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A very good band that originally smoked themselves retarted then wrote up bad ass meaningful lyrics. Kerplunk and 1,039 kicked everyones ass, and dookie is a classic, insomniac made them cooler, nimrod dido, warning again classic, american idiot teased but didn't put out.
Myself: Hey dude wanna go down to the park and smoke 3 bowls then listen to Green Day, and Dre.

Someone who is badass enough for me to aknowledge: yeah
by Jhonny pot smoker April 18, 2006
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one of the greatest bands ever. IF you morons understood American Idiot, you'd probably like it... its a rock opera people (see the Who's Quadraphenia), its a story... you cant make fun of a single because all of the songs are connected... christ.
purist 1- man green day sucks now because a lot of people like their music
me- groans and turns up Jesus of Suburbia
by Demosthenes March 12, 2005
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1. Great band with great music.
2. A day spent smoking lots of pot
1. Green Day is fucking awesome
2. Whoa.... dude.... today's like..... a green day.....
by Eat Brain Stew 182 January 9, 2004
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Green Day is a seriously kick ass band. No matter what anyone says, they aren't sellouts...and i seriously hope they never become sellouts...i don't much cre for american idiot (except for boulevard that song kicks major ass), but that is just my personal opinion...and anyone who has their album Warning check out castaway that song is so under-apprecciated and shoulda been on their international superhits album.
by keeper19 March 3, 2005
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A very popular pop-punk band formed in 88 in the Bay area.
Green Day members include Billie Joe Armstrong (Lead singer and guitarist), Frank Wright III (better known as Tre Cool, drummer) and Mike Pritchard (better known as Mike Dirnt, bassist). Many say that Green Day invented pop-punk and have inspired other pop-punk bands to start. Green Day release their first EP (1000 Hours) in 91, but had their first big hit (Dookie) in 94. Hit songs include, Basket Case, Brain Stew, When I Come Around, 409 In Your Coffeemaker, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) and most recently Wake Me Up When September Ends.
by The Beast From The Middle East September 12, 2005
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