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removing your penis from your partner's mouth while receiving oral sex and lodging it in her ear to give the "wet willy" effect
I gave my girl a greasy bastard last night
omg did you just give me a greasy bastard?
prepare for a greasy bastard you slut
by GingGang August 21, 2018
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A greasy bastard is one who lives with you but avoids you, is greasy as fuck and enjoys to suck the dick of his "cool" friends
A$aptvrd- what greasy bastard left this giant pizza box in the fridge with only one slice

Baraty- I think it was that greasy batard joe

Ell Dog Malone- yea the greasy bastard is at Benedictine chuggin' Schlong and just left it in the fridge
by P1mpDaddyJick February 28, 2017
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