When a woman hears something that immediately gets her wet. If she is sitting, standing could result in an embarrassing wet spot.
Jake: I just slipped on a puddle in the kitchen!

Aaron: That's because Kelsi heard Steve just won the Lottery and became greased up.
by LordCinderbottom October 28, 2011
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Having sexual relations which can be moist
Did you get lucky last night? Yeah I had a grease up with some bird!
by Berri Mug November 25, 2013
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A slang term meaning something that has been excessively lubricated to the point of hazard. Similar to the phrase "slick as shit".
by greasedbanshee December 14, 2014
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The naked greased up deaf guy in the popular show, "Family Guy". He usually makes small appearances at randow yelling, "y'all can't catch me"
"Y'all can't catch me, i'm the greased up deaf guy"
by Bubba390 June 20, 2006
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From the song, "Space Lord" by Monster Magnet. Used to refer to putting makeup and expensive clothing on someone that is otherwise disgusting/unattractive.
by Denis Baldwin June 30, 2004
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To confuse and bewilder, usually by providing little to no actual helpful life-hacks.
"Now, it was THIS hack that really greased up my shit stain and confused me."

"Mr. Gear really knows how to grease up a shit stain."
by Dhik Hedd March 15, 2021
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To have shaved, bathed, used a deodorant, and have put on clean/pressed clothes.
I was greased up and creased up by 6, ready to go to the club.
by Dashing D6 June 8, 2011
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