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A concentration camp located in Grayslake, Illinois. They feed you rations of boxed pizzas and milk. A school where basic white girls roam the hallways in their Ivory Ella shirts and dirty "white" converse. Where teachers work you for free and force you to do things. Where kids get suspended for calling people roaches and mocking other students.
Fucking basics walking around with ivory ella shirts, black leggings, white converse, and low ponytails everyday at Grayslake Middle School.
by bitch you thought March 20, 2017
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The gayest school in the USA where the dean does nothing about anything and thinks he knows everything where the teachers don't even have a degree and don't even teach where the kids bully each other and beat kids up where there are 10 kids a day in the deans office!Where in gym class you don't do anything bus fitness and the gym teachers think they know everything!Where the lunch food is fake and worse than prisons food this school is the worst one in the USA!!!
Also with a lot of creepy and gay teachers!
The school is so fucking gross wich Grayslake middle has bugs all over it

Grayslake middle school
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