1. A bowel movement so large or violent as to be terminal.

2. A bowel movement of such density or ferocity that it feels to the taker as if he/she were passing a tombstone.
Dude, after I ate all of that Easy mac last night, I had to take a graveyard smash.
by Axel Scar November 8, 2009
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Having sex with a woman post-abortion
Hey bro, Stacy just got an abortion yesterday. Can’t wait to graveyard smash tonight!
by Shredder2009 September 19, 2018
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When you have sex and your partner dies. Either during intercourse or within the next 12 hours.
Did you hear about John last night?
- I did, his heart just stopped?
Yeah, she gave him a real graveyard smash.
by Iche bein Der schnitter October 10, 2018
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The state of drunkenness achieved by young people on Halloween. Since alcoholic beverages are always abundant on this holiday and most people are either wearing enough clothes to cover their identity or not enough clothes to cover their undergarments, people always seem to get extra hammered.

The phrase plays off the second line of the chorus in the popular Halloween song 'The Monster Mash', "It was a graveyard smash".
by jzux October 8, 2010
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