A slave to the pixel, print and ideas. Dealing in anything two-dimensional, especially printed materials, anything that has to do with communicating images and text. Also dabbles across other creative industries, the most versatile and underpaid designer of them all.
I'm a graphic designer who can also do fashion, product, architecture, web, marketing, advertising, media planning, project management, event management, animation, illustration and even photography; somebody shoot me!

A: I'm a graphic designer.
B: May the Lord be with you.

A: I'm in the marketing, advertising and artistic industry, but i don't have a credit card, what am i?
B: You're a Graphic Designer!
by Fat Rabbit July 07, 2005
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An individual who does precise guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge.
by #Magikarp November 07, 2019
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Someone who digitally designs visual imaging and graphics for web sites. I happen to be one because I basically have no life

Graphic Designers rule compared to the cheap web designers, who have no talent
Im 13, and yet Im an exelent graphic designer
by Arielthealien June 01, 2005
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noun: An under-paid, under-employed, and under-appreciated creative professional known for their keen sense of "what looks right visually". A very opinionated and possibly unemployed person.
My boyfriend said your website sucks. He's a Graphic Designer.

You used 'Helvetica' on your business card? As a Graphic Designer, I must say that your choice is very sterile and cliché. You probably won't get any business.
by 77jim March 23, 2011
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noun: A field of educational study common to American universities, colleges, business schools, tech schools and art institutes loosely fusing the fundamentals of art and design with the sex appeal of the latest Macintosh technology. Vastly popular throughout the '90s and appealing to middle-class safety parents with creative children too fearful, money-obsessed and talent-lacking to pursue Fine Arts.
My kid is studying Graphic Design. He wants to buy an iMac so he can use 'Adobe'

What's your Major? Graphic Design. That's cool! Me too!
by 77jim March 23, 2011
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A Graphic Design focuses on 2d. Basically they are computer artist(painters) who also work with typography. and No they CAN NOT do Architecture or Industrial design(Products). They only think that because they get paid so little, so they try to pretend like they know it so they can try and get a job in those other fields. They just see the word design and think its the same but it is not.
Graphic Designer please stick to your fonts, and color designs. It's really annoying when you try to jump on others peoples job giving your opinion when you don't know 9 out 10 what you're talking about.
by Architects Rule February 06, 2008
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Popular commenter on youtube. Recognised for being early to comment on Buzzfeed videos. Regular viewers have made a game of trying to comment before him
Yes I finally beat Graphic Design Guy!! Took me forever
by ovojonathan7 January 01, 2016
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