Central location for activity, featured in the video game 'Call Of Duty 4: Modern warfare' multiplayer map "Overgrown".

It is located in front of the large barn and wooden bridge areas. Immediately in front of Grandma's House is a wheat field and an L-shaped building.

Grandma's House features an attic with two sniping windows, a porch, and an open backdoor.
"I've got two blips in Grandma's House. Anyone have a UAV?"
by Christopher Majewski July 10, 2008
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After the club let's all go to Grandma's House and get laid.
by bruno451 November 13, 2009
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CoD4 Private match game on Overgrown. 1 player sits on top of grandma's house with a sniper. The other players must cross the map and get into the shed behind grandma's house without being killed by the player on the roof. Once a player gets inside the old shed, they can use a sniper to kill the person on the roof of grandma's house. The game ends when everyone on one team dies. Usually played on S n D.
Hey bro, you wanna get some guys on Xbox later to play some Grandma's House?
by Storm78910 November 14, 2016
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An altered state of mind catagorized by drunkeness. Used as slang or code.
Boy: "Hey man, are we going to Grandma's House this weekend?"
Boy 2: "Yeah man, I got the bottle in my truck!"
by Weston Hargrove November 09, 2006
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“Life at grandma house” is a story telling your hood background such as events and how u grew up at your grandma house , whether you’ve lived with her or not!!
by Ybrskuda February 24, 2020
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