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Those who seek to have correct English written online. They are not opponents of free speech, or 1337. They merely wish that the fundamentals of English are withheld. They will correct bad Grammar and Spelling, and flame the use of ridiculous, Chav, MSN inspired abbreviations such as 'wuu2'. They are in full support of 1337, and support net slang.

Grammar Police are NOT in affiliation with Grammar Nazis.
-Comments on a youtube video-

Idiot1: man that video sucked! Your such a n00b!

GrammarPoliceDude: Correction, 'You're such a n00b'. You just referred to his 'such a n00b', and btw, the video did suck.

-On a forum-

Idiot2:Woah, I just saw Aliens outside my window! There just hovering above my garden!

GrammarPoliceDude17:'They're hovering', and no they bloody well aren't, you're just a lame 12 yr old, with nothing better to do than spam the internet.

Examples of Grammar Police
by V1N January 09, 2008
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annoying trolls on forums like youtube and yahoo answers who just LOVE to ostracize those whose hands may have slipped while typing on their keyboard.
Internet User: had the worlds ended yet?

grammar police: *Has *world. Your grammar sucks ass.

see troll.
by ~WhiteSakuraizuka~ October 22, 2011
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When someone petty looks at your texts, emails or social media posts and checks for grammatical errors.
But I'm sure you're going to proofread my text and Grammar Police me right now since you have nothing else. Keep your Grammar Cred up...
by Terry Bad Ice January 15, 2019
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