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A female whom loves attention & loathes liars. She presumes everyone to have a kind heart & forgives anyone who hurts or does her wrong. She hates being called by her actual name, she much more enjoys the name 'Grace'. Her personality is based on extroverted characteristics. She's loud & out of place. May get depressed every now & then, but what truly matters most to her is of course: everyone else's happiness. Don't call her short or unexpectedly kiss her. She barely ever gets mad but when she does: RUN. Love her & don't dare cheat on her. This female is usually of mexican descent.
Graciela: "Don't call me that!"
Grace:"Much better."
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by netflixNpoptarts January 15, 2017
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An amazing and beautiful human being. Usually full of grace and very talented. Fun to be around.
Damn. I can't believe how wonderful and helpful Lizeth is being! She's so graciela today!
by KiD Fresca August 26, 2009
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The sweetest girl you know. She's shy around people she doesn't know, but opens up and shares everything with you if she thinks you're trustworthy. Her trust is a special thing, care for it. She loves to cuddle, and takes things slowly. She believes in longterm friendships, and takes her time getting to know you, endearing you to her. She will always be smiling at something you can't figure out. She won't get jealous, and doesn't need to be in the limelight all the time. If you find a Graciela, you better keep her close.
Wow, she's a sweetheart! Is her name Graciela?
by friendofyours1222 February 18, 2013
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Cries a lot. Very beautiful, talented, and fairly woke but cries a lot. They eat a ton because they burn a lot of calories from crying all the damn time.
Graciela, please don't.
by Trailmixtravis January 05, 2018
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The most beautiful girl in the world. She is creative, funny, caring...just everything you can want in a girl. Her voice is warming and nice to listen to. All in all, she's perfect. Not many people can handle her, however, only ones somewhat similar to her.
Graciela told me she loves me. I am the luckiest guy ever.
by Her Big Bear February 22, 2012
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A nice, pretty girl who makes you feel special. You really cant trust her but you like to think you can. She notices everyone else's traits
Person #1:"Dude I know a Graciela"

Person#2"You do?"


Person#2"lucky, i wish i knew a Graciela"
by roxstr#9catcher December 29, 2010
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Graciela is a name of a beautiful girl. A Graciela is sweet and kind with a big heart. She treasures her friends as if they were family.
Friend1: Have you met Graciela?
Friend2: No, why?
Friend1: Cuz she’s so sweet! And hot like you wouldn’t believe
Friend2: Really?!
Friend1: Yup!
by FuryTheFox May 28, 2018
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