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An application to stream and download videos online.
"Did you see that new movie yet?"
"Yeah I did."
"Which movie theater did you see it at?"
"I didn't go anywhere -- I got it on Graboid."
by sobes July 10, 2008
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Referring to the worms in the movie Tremors series, The disgusting amount of excess skin the makes a dick look like the creature that stalked Kevin Bacon and crew. Basically an uncircumsized penis coming from parents who could care less about their kid living a normal life.
That graboid looks like a slim jim with the package on. That Graboid looks like an anteater. That Graboid looks like Patrick Stewart trying to poke his head through turleneck sweater. Man my parents must have hated me my dick looks like those Graboids. Gross look at his graboid!
by Bret Crandall September 12, 2008
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