1.The love handles of a beautiful woman. Similar to 'muffin tops', but less prominent. Used during sex to maintain proper and effective positioning.

2.Any soft part of a woman that a man loves to hold and play with.
I held onto her grabbins as we made love.
by Pontiacscoach January 8, 2012
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Originating from the Valve game "Left4Dead".

It is the instance where African American males in a post apocaliptic world discover a container of Advil and exclaim their glee on their finding.
Louis: Grabbin' Pills.

Francis: Nigger.
by AcutiatorCratoonNetwork April 21, 2009
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Going in between girls legs (clothed in leggings or some) and touching the vagina
by Mosydon November 5, 2016
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Asking your partner to switch hands during a handjob, then hiding one's penis behind/under himself, only to leave their partner confused when they reach to find nothing is there.
Guy 1: You get any play from Rachel last night?
Guy 2: I told her that her right hand was cold, and when she switched up, I had her grabbin' the ghost.
Guy 1: Haha, fuck it, handjobs are boring anyways.
by Jazz Cigarettes September 10, 2022
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When the male of the species becomes physically intrusive with a female in an inappropriate or unwelcome manner.

Also can refer to a preplanned night of debauchery at a party or club when fornication with the opposite (or same) sex is anticipated ("Candy Grab").
"Hey Cameron, that guy over there is candy grabbin on your girl! Let's go kick his ass!"

"Gentlemen, tonight will be the most epic Candy Grab in Alpha Omega Epsilon's storied history."
by Karl Hunguss October 25, 2011
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A suspicious vehicle suitable for kidnapping and transporting victims.
Stick together kids! That old white van sure looks like a grabbin wagon.
by sam__p August 30, 2018
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used to describe the act of grabbing a supremely muscular part of a man's back. mostly used with the intent of informing someone of how fucking epic their back is; user will most likely be drunk.
Curious Girl: "Your look pretty sore. You need a back massage?"

Drunk Man: "Nah, you ain't ready for this shit. Shit's like grabbin a steak."
by peaches and muthafuckin' gravy September 17, 2010
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