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A gothic hippie is the best of both words.
I was raised by Hippie parents, but my dad is also very gothic in style. I'm in my late 30s. So that can give you an idea of my parents age.
I am a gothic hippie, and I have been one my entire life. Being a girl, I tend to wear a wide variety of clothing. One day I can be in a pair of bell bottom jeans and a rock band shirt, the next a black broomstick skirt and a nice flowing shirt on top. My music is across the board depending on mood. I can listen to meditation one moment and Rob Zombie the next. Really it is across the board. Hippie Goths don't have to be just pagans either. I am Catholic, and am very devout. I am about Peace love and happiness. I do love history and the victorian era as someone else wrote.LOL But I do also love to read. Sci-fi, horror,classics, and I don't love romance unless its about some form of vampire lust. I have a dark humor. I love Renfaires too. So, like I said I am exactly what the name says Gothic hippie..the best of both worlds.
by o0gi3b00gi3 October 09, 2008
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A Gothic Hippie is quite simply, a Goth who feels the Hippie vibe. They're generally more laid back than their Gothic brethren, and often more troubled than fellow Hippies. In most cases, they get frustrated with their Goth friends' overblown pessimism/pretention, and will often choose to hang out with the more mellow Hippie croud instead. Clothes are generally baggy and comfortable, and musical tastes range from 60s-70s Rock to Progressive/Doom Metal, Trance and 90s HipHop, and pretty much anything inbetween. Nearly all of them smoke Weed, and most see it as almost spiritual guidence; an Elixir of sorts. They aren't scared to smile, bake in the sun, throw a Frisbee(?), basically things that aren't acceptable for the average image-conscious Goth. They will adopt revolutionary Hippie ideals, if they didn't have them in the first place, which they usually do, which is why they're a Gothic Hippie to begin with.
Some of them also ramble on the internet whilst baked.
It appears a Gothic Hippie has commandeered my shed. I wonder how he got that sofa in there...?
by Kittycat Lunarspliff July 20, 2011
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A gothic hippie is precisely what the name implies. The exact combination of goth and hippie can vary widely based on the individual. In general, A gothic hippie is someone who believes in peace and love, embraces and strives to be one with nature and a higher energy (often-times through the practice of Paganism or some other New Age activity). These people generally also have a facination with history, praticularly the Middle Ages and the Victorian era. They tend to have a dark and cynical sense of humor and take very little seriously except for major issues (peace, love, social rights, ect...).

Stylistically A gothic hippy can look like either a goth or a hippy or some combination in between (think tie-dyed t-shirt with black fishnet underneath it and long dark hair)
Someone who listens to gothic music (especially more ethereal stuff), is into meditation and the pagan worship of nature and feels that people are stupid because they take things too seriously that aren't really worth it.
The highest goal of a gothic hippie is to trancend this world of materialism and pop-culture filth and achieve a higher form of enlightenment and inner peace.
by Janus XVII May 23, 2005
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A gothic hippie would be someone who like to wear black, the whole black eye makeup, dark hair, black clothes etc, and who listens to alternative music. As well as this though, the hippy part would be that they have a big side of them in touch with nature, eg they may be against animal cruelty, vegetarians, supportive of recycling, dislike the destruction of the forests, and so on.
This is the best explantion for a gothic hippie I can offer, since I would consider myself one lol
by Seraphina666 April 18, 2007
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A gothic hippie can be number of different different things. Some people consider these gothic hippies:

1. Someone who wears black: eyeliner and nail polish and dyed hair. But who wears colorful clothing (long colorful skirts if female or a cross-dressing male) and who has the average ammount of happiness.

2. A person who is goth but wishes they lived in the 60's/70's so they sometimes (well, occasionally) wear hippie type clothes and listen to hippie music instead alternative or punk or metal.

3. Someone who is a Class A hippie but hangs out with the goth crowd to fit in. They also adopt a little goth style. (Sometimes the hippie will choose to fit in with the emo crowd instead.)

4. See also: hippie and goth
Dude: Is that chick trying to be a hippie or a goth?

Dudette: I dunno. A gothic hippie, I guess.
by zozo the homo hobo July 04, 2005
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yeah i know it sounds like a weird combo... a goth hippie is one who is one with nature... completly hates everything tho... wants peace but cuts themselve... and has a fashion sense of a retarted crack whore... save the rainforest+cut the wrists....
what has this world come 2
by puggsaaay January 13, 2005
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