A fictional city in the Batman series. Depicted as a city completely overrun with crime, violence, and heavy corruption.
"Across this nation, the words 'Gotham City' are synonymous with crime." ---The guy running for the new mayor in Batman (1989).
by He who knows11 February 04, 2011
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For people that are really desperate to go to a fake and pointless even with the worst music(Dutch house) and to dance with a bunch of 1 steppers(pony jumpers, concrete breakers, skunk hair, bug stompers).

And to watch the most horrible dj: Rowdy gay
middle schooler: Dude!, gotham city had such a beast rave, the music was bomb, and the light shows were bomb!
i was "shuffling" like a boss
Real Raver: Haahaa let me guess, you like dj bl3nd too?
Middle Schooler: Hell Yeah! he SICK
Real Raver:*sarcastic*Yeah Man , Your Really Cool*sarcastic*
by iluvboobies May 24, 2011
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