1. To have all the "hoes"
2. To have a lot of "friends" of the opposite sex
3. To have a lot of people of the opposite sex always trying to hang out with you
4. To always be seen hanging out with different members of the opposite sex
Term Originated at Vanderbilt University (2011)
Man look at Antoine, the ladies love him. I swear he's always talking to at least 5 chicks. He got game, and I swear some chick is always pursuing him. HE GOT 'EM!!!!! He got all the hoes!
by Vandy's Finest April 12, 2011
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A practical joke in which a fellow classmate attempts to get the attention of another classmate in order to embarrass them. The classmate calls their name, the other classmate looks, then they shout, "Got Em," in a rude obnoxious tone. All surrounding classmates partake in a chuckle. While the one singled out person cries like a baby. This joke can be used in person, on facebook, and through cellular devices.
Pete: "Yo Jack"

Jack: *Looks* "Yo whats up"
Pete: Got Em!!!
by Petorski September 22, 2010
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The term gotem is a slang term rapidly increasing in popularity amongst Florida high school students.

The center of this new verbal activity is undoubtedly from Eastside High School in Gainesville, FL. "Gotem" was derived from the not uncommon saying, "Got them." The word then transitioned to "Got'em," and now finally, to "gotem". There is much controversy over the originator of this term, but few doubt that a one Bei He played a critical role in its beginnings and initial spread. The term is also thought to be related to the card game, Texas Hold'em, due primarily to the two words' similar structure.

When one is particularly excited it has become customary to shout "GOTEM" as loudly as possible, this is generally followed by echoes of gradually shrinking magnitude. It is also used when a person has pulled off a particularly impressive feat, either by the person themselves or any witnesses to the event. "Gotem" is beginning to be used as a greeting as well.
1: "Gotem!"
2: "GOTEM!"
by Gotem June 17, 2006
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past tense of "get 'em"
This is usually the response of a person to whom "get 'em" was prevously told in reference to an attractive girl/guy
(usually has sexual conotation)
" I saw this SEXY guy at the club last night"
"Uh ohhh....get 'em!"
"Got 'em!"
by Nigerian HOTness May 07, 2006
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You say "got 'em" after someone says "What?" Means that you "got" someone, especially when you're in a conversation, mention that person's name, and then they break in saying "What?"
A: (talking to B) Sooo... I was with C the other day ...
C: WHAT???
A: Got 'em!

The "got 'em" joke can also be performed on purpose, for example:
Student: What's the answer to Problem blablabla ... (trails off into indistinguishable sounds)
Teacher: What?!?
Student: Got 'em!
by vv007!!! June 18, 2008
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something to say after getting a girl up the ass
I guy is pumping a girl in the ass but she says stop cuz she cant handle the dick so he said " Got'Em!"
by Ben Dover May 23, 2003
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This phrase is often used after "roasting" someone, or playing a trick on someone behind their back. These days, the younger generations use it to be a joke, and not in a cruel way.
Cameron: "Boy, I don't know a bit of this French."

Aubrey: "Well, maybe if you didn't work on computers all day and would study for once, you would get the gist!"

Ally: "Oh! Got em!"
via giphy
by @TheRoseBowler September 02, 2017
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