Generally defined by social justice warriors to mean an entire society that is set up to discriminate against anyone who isn't white. People who believe in this concept believe that anyone who isn't white won't be able to succeed in this world because everything around them has a history and culture associated with it that's designed to keep non-whites down.

In reality, it's an attempt by leftists to create a "no lose" definition in which anyone who disagrees with it is a "racist" and is part of the problem. Additionally, it's designed to ensure that people of color are dependent on white liberals for everything that they obtain or earn in life.

American university professors (who are almost always white) will preach this concept to their students until they're blue in the face and will threaten to file a bias incident against them if they dare to have a different opinion.
Student: I heard that Jimmy didn't get into the local university.
Idiot: Well, Jimmy's black, and he couldn't get in because of institutional racism.
Student: Are you sure that it wasn't because he didn't ever come to class and was held back twice?
Idiot: You're a racist!
by GrantsAChill November 16, 2016
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Unlike the previous definition that was heavily misleading, Institutional (or Institutionalized) Racism defined by sociologists actually refers to the discriminatory racial practices that are rooted into the political, economic, and educational systems.

People often have the misconception that this term is a "concept" or "ideology" that proposes some kind of theory to subvert white culture.

It is not a theory, it is not an ideology, it is not some sort of lame excuse used to defend an argument, it is merely a fact which states that some institutions, be it your family or your schoolmates at school, will hold biased views towards an ethnic minority as if it was commonsense. In fact, one might not even be aware that they are being racist (in contrast to intentional racism), hence it's not their fault.

For example, according to one study in 2005, black people in Kingston Ontario were nearly four times to be pulled over by the police compared to white people. The police force admitted that they never had the attention to cherry pick people based on race, it was just a systematic reaction that they formed unconsciously.

In reality, you are most ever likely to come across this term while taking a sociology 101 course. Anyone else who tries to discredit this but has not taken one course in sociology will only be embarrassing themselves, so use this term wisely. That goes for any other people who uses this term incorrectly or in the wrong context.
Butthurt SJW: ERMAGERRDD ARE YOU BEING INSTITUTIONALLY RACIST!?!? DO YOU NOT REALIZE HOW STUPID YOU ARE FOR NOT REALIZING THAT!?!?! Breaking the 4th wall here, they're actually the stupid one for not realizing this is unconsciously performed.

Butthurt Anti-SJW: Look kid, no one gives a shit about Institutional Racism, it's just a pathetic excuse made by leftists to justify themselves so that everyone is racist except for them

*interrupts flame war*

Rational Sociology Student: *clears throat* 1) If you look it up on urban dictionary, Institutional Racism actually refers to the discriminatory racial practices that are rooted into political or educational systems 2) Institutional Racism is often unconsciously performed by the actor hence people get confused when others call them racist And 3) FYI the term is not used by leftists but by academics in the social sciences to help examine the causes of racism and its historical roots.

Butthurt Anti-SJW: Aw look at this pseudo-intellectual trying to sound smart, i bet that definition has so many dislikes on urbandictionary lmfao

Rational Sociology Student: Would you care to attack me with more of your silly little ad homs, or would you be willing to deflect what I had just said with your clear academic peer-reviewed proof?

*No answer*

Rational Sociology Student: Yeah that's what I thought, gg get rekt skrub

Butthurt SJW: Yeah gotem good there

Rational Sociology Student: Shut up you're just as misinformed as the Anti-SJW
by UltimateDoge January 21, 2018
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