Got the Dick is like the highest complement one can get ay.
1. That kid there has 'Got The Dick'
2. Dont mess with that kid hes got the dick
man 1: I heard he raped his lemon grass pigeon.
man 2: well he has got the dick
man 1: aw yer ay
by nicholls1993 March 29, 2009
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A phrase used when somebody wants to have sex with somebody else.
Emily keeps touching me!
Really? Maybe she's got the dicks for you.
You think she would want that?

Fuck, I've got the dicks hardcore for Jack. Hes a real man.
by JackTheFuckingMan October 02, 2012
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(Noun) A drinking game that consists of at least two people or more. One participant will start to say, the phrase, "Who's Got the Dick?" while snapping their fingers on the upbeat of every whole note in 4/4 tempo. The other players, in unison, will then respond by pointing to the person who is closest to them and then shout "(-insert person's name who is closest-)'s Got the Dick!". Finally, the player who is the next closest (who has not yet said "Who's Got the Dick?" yet) will say "Who's Got the Dick?" and the cycle repeats.
At the party, they decided to play Who's Got the Dick?.
by McCrapper March 25, 2013
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That girl got everything; a cool apt, new car, trust fund and works for her dad! She's got life dicked!
by JI mom February 22, 2018
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When a girl has a dick and you dont know or dont care

Who Cares If She Got A Dick WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!
by Josh June 30, 2004
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describes a girl who is really hyper uptight and/or neurotic because she hasn't had sexual intercourse in a long while.

a cry for help against the indifferent universe by futilely stating the obvious, that a girl has no male organ.
"Dang, why is she going ballistic on all her co-workers?"
"That girl ain't got no dick, that's why."

A gang beat up a big nerd in Baltimore and all he could scream was "girl ain't got no dick" as they pummeled his face to mush.
by flame sans e May 12, 2008
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A way of expressing support or defense for another individual. Commonly used to defend a male friend, but is not limited to those who identify as male.
Girl 1: boy 1, you will never accomplish anything
Boy 2: don't worry boy 1, I got your dick!
Boy 2: girl 1, you are a ho
by bbhfd4l90 May 04, 2018
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