The way Gru, from Despicable Me says girl . Many people use it in sentences or song lyrics rather than saying girl and find it extremely funny
"Don't wish your gorlfriend was hot like me"
"Baby Gorl"
"Who the world? Gorls."
by soggytrumpet May 08, 2018
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A formal way of saying "Girl" according to the British colonies back then in the 15th Century.
The queens guards according to History used these slangs when communicating with a woman, often as a form of respect and/or command.
Hey Gorl what's goin on?.
*british accent* "Evening madam! what's a fine gorl like you doing here in these street corners?"
My friend alex is naive but not as his gorl friend elsa
by CloutMonkey May 08, 2018
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n: A gay guy. A very gay guy.
n: An exclamatory greeting used among gay men.
'"Ooooh gorl, that man is fine."
"Gorl! How you doin?!"
by McSloshed June 09, 2006
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Used to describe an extremely “heavyset” or morbidly obese woman. Typically they appear to not care about their appearance and/or body fat but a few times a month they break down and have a binge eating session to ward off the bad thoughts. Gorls are usually delusional to all the health risks involved with being morbidly obese and have many failed attempts at dieting. They are extremely cranky when not getting their daily intake of 4,000+ calories and take out their hangriness on anyone within an arms length (gorls are most likely sitting because of their swollen ankles so typically anything more than an arms length is deemed “exercise”).
Cindy: “Hey Gorls!”
Wendy: “Did you gain weight?”

Cindy: “Oh, y’know a gorl HAS got to eat!!”
by CrispyPickle May 06, 2018
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