A man who sleeps with a lot of girls.

A new swear word to go against men because girls have a lot of them, ib: tiktok
by Anonskid2.0 August 8, 2020
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The word for whore, if they are a man. Rather than saying “man-whore”. A guy who sleeps around/sexually assaults girls. Would often be used to describe a senior that sleeps with freshmen.
Vanessa: God Billy is such a gorb! He fucked my sister.

Beth: Ew! Dump his ass sis.
by Xylophone 66 August 10, 2020
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Gorb: I AM GOOOOOOORB! OoooOo HA OOOOOoOo HA OoOOoo HA HA OOoOOoO HA HA OoooOOO HA HA HA OoOooooooOo HA HA HA OoOoOooooOoOoooOOOOOoo! *dies cause Gorb is weak AF*
by Juni R. March 27, 2019
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Genetic Disorder which turns humans into Gorbazoids
by Gorb_killer72 March 4, 2019
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a man who sleeps with too many women and slut shames women
"Did you hear that chad slept with 10 girls this month and then called them whores"
"Ew, he's such a gorb"
by heinkerbob August 10, 2020
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A man who sleeps around or a senior guy who sleeps with freshmen.
He’s a gorb, I don’t want somebody else’s sloppy seconds
by Miliniles August 17, 2020
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A small fat dog with lots of greasy hair and usually quite ugly. This dog lays around and does nothing all day while looking like a rotten sausage.
John: “what kind of dog do you have?”
Clara: “I have a gorb he is so cute!”
John:” I never want to see you again
by Creamer of the waste November 23, 2021
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