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someone who has an unruly obsession with the 80's teen flick, The Goonies.
Zeke: Is Jason hangin' with us tonite?

Tim: NAw you know him, hes goin with his Friday night tradition and watching that movie the Goonies.

Zeke: Oh what a shame, that kid is such a goonhead
by LokiHavok April 13, 2006
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goon head, well lets see, a goon is like a henchmen usually dumb, takes orders, never has any real common sense... head, well speaks for itself. situation:
a: " how fast will i go if i drink this?" (holdin a carton of petrol)
b: " OMG ... (takes off of him) your such a friken goonhead"
by Soldja March 08, 2007
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