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When you have someone that has a useless head of knowledge but no level of depth. They only can explain what they are talking about to the depth of what they read when they did a Google search. In other words they do not really know anything about the subject but surfed it on Google and now pretend to be experts on the subject. In a nut shell they are bull shitters and what they don’t know after the initial bit they found on Google search they make up. The word Googlodyte is derogatory, a way of describing a frigen know it all!!
"That guy, thinks he knows everything, what a F%%%& Googlodyte." or " He's a walking pile of bullshit, a frigen Googlodyte.
or " Ask so and so he likes to come across as if he is some kind of brainer ,,,, " F%^^& Googlodyte!"
by d0bo April 09, 2011
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<i>noun</i>; An individual whose sole recourse for any information is Google; a person who compulsively checks Google for any reference to that person, that person's family, that other person that person fancies, what have you.
"I never have to worry about checking up on my girlfriends because my roommate is such a Googlodyte."

"If she only dates guys who generate 15 unique search results or more, that girls nothin' but a Googlodyte."
by Alex Brant-Zawadzki November 16, 2007
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A person who has lived in a cave so long, s/he doesn't know that any question of fact can be answered by Google.
The googlodyte kept asking me for song lyrics that would only take two seconds and two brain cells to find.
by Philosoranter September 09, 2004
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