A good mother is a mother (either blood or not) that will be there for their kids no matter what or how old. Gives up the expensive life style to spend on their child. Gives up the 2am partying for the 2am feedings. Who is there to provide not only financial support but emotional support. Who goes for a day without a shower. Who goes for days without 'doing' their hair. A good mother isn't defined by what everyone sees, a good mother is defined by how her child is raised and grows up
by NHLer2968 January 14, 2012
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The famous catchphrase of the famous Aussie Legend, Isaac Butterfield. There really is no simpler way to explain it's meaning, simply put: "be a good mother fucker"
Mate: Hey Isaac, be a good mother fucker!
Isaac: You be a good mother fucker too!
by Carnivorous Motorcyclist March 19, 2019
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Rock band formed in the mid 1990s in Northeast Pennsylvnia. Known for the lower brain stem riffs and weird lyrics. 1 album and since disbanded. Named after the Maiasaur.
gmlgood mother lizard
by ßri August 15, 2010
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A tall glass of Monster energy drink and Orange juice over ice.
After a long weekend in Reno,Matt needed a"Good morning mother fucker" just to make the drive home.
by cassida September 14, 2007
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It a word which means 'How are you ?' in Hong Kong English (Chinglish or Honglish)
Some person in Hong Kong don't speak English but they have to talk to foreigner so they'll say 'You Good Mother'.
by AnOldDriver July 26, 2017
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