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GooTube is the name Google adopted when YouTube was bought by them in 2006 for 1.6 Billion dollars. It also sounds a lot like another word for a condom.
Dude! I saw you on GooTube last night!

Yeah, that was me. I was using a GooTube while watching GooTube at midnight.
by CrAzYbRoS October 27, 2006
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This is not a word but since ur already here I might as well say something. Youtube + Google = Gootube. As you can see today 11/6/06, is messed up with half images of peoples head. Earlier today Youtube was messed up with some guys head also and I was unable to watch videos. This show that Google cannot handle youtube... Bunch of idiots... But I'm happy not for the two people who created Youtube... The Billionaires...
I posted My video on Gootube but the cassette got tangled up with pictures of fucktards.
by Neo D. November 06, 2006
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