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A person who is very lucky and can fix most problems by mearly touching or slightly tweaking the object, for example, a master IT programmer who removes a trojan in only a few keystrokes would be claimed to have the golden touch.
"I can't believe you fixed that without hardly doing anything, you must have a hell of a Golden Touch!"
by Dazzamon March 30, 2006
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After a man is done urinating, and only a few drops of urine remain on the tip of his penis, he touches another person with his penis thus transferring the urine to the other person.
I came out of the bathroom and gave my girlfriend the Golden Touch.
by Efdious March 11, 2006
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The event when excessive urine splashes back at person, wetting yourself.
- Commonly occurs when your drunk.
Oh my gosh Josh, I had a golden touch at the urinal, splashing my hands.
pee apollo's touch golden shower
by Sal317 August 06, 2016
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