A golden seal is a large Breed of western seals. A rare breed of seals only found within EastVale, California. They are specifically known for their golden fur and large body. Golden seals are often referred to as “Chubby Seals” or “Nathan Seals.” Nathan was the Hispanic explorer who first discovered the rare species in May of 2004. The term “ Chubby seal” is often associated with the name Nathan because the name nathan means large seal in Greek.
A golden seal is a large breed of western seal. Look at that Golden Seal. That golden seal is so plump.
by Tony Reynoso December 1, 2021
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The Golden Seal is a metaphorical seal; when consuming alcohol, to break The Golden Seal is fatal. Once broken, you never stop peeing, and the effects of the alcohol seem to wear off increasingly each time. It is recommended that The Golden Seal is only broken on the verge of an accident, as in some cases if it is broken as an accident, the accidents in turn will continue.
Dont break The Golden Seal- you'll be going all night!
by Lulabelle Wood October 14, 2007
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This North American native herb is widely known and used for colds, flus, and sinus infections. Lowers inflammation, helps cool infections of the mucous membranes. Useful when blended with echinacea (1 part golden seal to 3 parts echinacea). An herbal extract that typically contains 10% alkaloids and 5% hydrastine as active components; historically used as an astringent and antiseptic.
Like Echinacea, golden seal herb also supports the immune system by strengthening the cells that destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi.
by The Derelict - 313 August 12, 2006
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Taking a piss on a girls face after ejaculating so much on her mouth it is sealed shut.
That bitch sucked me so hard I decided to give her a California Golden Seal.
by Nelson Wilbury January 11, 2006
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