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A golden seal is a large Breed of western seals. A rare breed of seals only found within EastVale, California. They are specifically known for their golden fur and large body. Golden seals are often referred to as “Chubby Seals” or “Nathan Seals.” Nathan was the Hispanic explorer who first discovered the rare species in May of 2004. The term “ Chubby seal” is often associated with the name Nathan because the name nathan means large seal in Greek.
A golden seal is a large breed of western seal. Look at that Golden Seal. That golden seal is so plump.
by Tony Reynoso December 1, 2021
The most amazing, thoughtful, caring and sweetest guy. He has such a gorgeous and hot body. Every little thing about him is perfect. His cute hair, bright beautiful smile, adorable cheeks, strong arms, perfect chest, thin stomach, slim waist, cute butt, nice thighs and hot legs. He is the best boyfriend and he’ll make you feel like the luckiest person alive. Robin is one of a kind. He’ll make feel things no one else has ever made you feel. You’ll want to cling on to his love. He’s just the type of guy you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with. Robin makes you feel loved and appreciated. You’re able to be your real self with him. Robin is so weird and different from everyone else. He’s special. He’ll motivate you and make you wanna be a better person. Being with Robin will make you feel safe and secure. He’ll make you feel at home. <3
Robin is the best boyfriend. Robin has such a gorgeous body. Robin is the sweetest guy.
by Tony Reynoso November 21, 2021
Moonch is a term used for a large male, who participates in oral sex in the back regions of another individuals bottom (asshole) the term was based off an a popular figure branded as “Dom.” This person was the sole face of the term. He alone had participated in a whooping 53 sessions before gaining popularity as the “moonch.” The sesh that set Dom off was one of his lastest and biggest acts where he had eaten “Biggest Losers” star participant, Vincent Biscuits, whole buttocks in a public outing. To top his huge feat off, he did so in a bouncy castle, with over 30 people watching.
DAMN!!! I didn’t know Dom was a “Moonch

I wish I knew how Dom became everyone’s favorite Moonch.

Yo, I need a Moonch like dom.

I wish he’d “Moonch” me up like that!

Hey, make sure to invite Tony’s moonch, Dom, he’s one of the best!!!
by Tony Reynoso November 2, 2022