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A very handsome man. Today I look Gokay.
Heyyy girl I just saw this Gokay the other day. He was looking fine.
Usually described as dark hair olive tones manly looking person.
I was on an airplane and I looked back, I saw me a '' GOKAY'' !!!!!
I was with my girl Jessie at the mall those shoes looked "Gokay"
by MORA Maura October 05, 2013
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Used when informing someone that they have overstayed their welcome; simple way to tell someone to leave (can be used jokingly as well as seriously)
Thanks for coming over man, but, gokay?

Damn bitch, just gokay?
by Lifen’t December 17, 2018
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Somebody who's feeling somewhere between good and okay.
"How are you?"
"Well, I'm a bit better than okay and I'm not good. I'm just gokay."
by pingponggamer August 22, 2014
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