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A person usually from Northern Jersey. This word is used as a negative connotation. A persons being accused of being a Goji can harmfully affect how you are perceived by others. It is in no way a complement.
That kid Peter in our holocaust class is such a Goji, definitely top 10.

Yo that blonde chick at the table across from us is mad hot. ... Nahh heard shes a Goji.

What's a Goji?... I'll tell you in a year.
by Goji Squad December 11, 2013
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A nickname for Godzilla. Derived from the original Japanese name ゴヅラ, or Gojira. This is rarely ever spoken, more commonly used for forum and blogging purposes in which most words are shortened for the sake of easier typing.
Goji fought Anguirus is his second film.
by NickJownz October 30, 2008
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An irritating man-rabbit bred from the mid to late 1980's.
That Goji will have sex with humans AND rabbits.
by Anonymous April 22, 2004
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Is a name for Lycium barbarum L. The berries from the plant are beleived to have healthful properties. The plant is native to western Asia.
Goji really help me with my immune system.
by Miles Baughman June 28, 2007
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