Doing something like its your job! Going pro.
"He had nine hat tricks in yesterdays game"
"Holy shit! nine?!"
"yep he was going monk.
by Tkirvs September 8, 2010
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to go absolutely pro, do something with extreme skill.
"Dude she's way out of your league."
"Well I'll just have to go monk!!
by Tkirvs September 6, 2010
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We all know the TV-Show "Monk" - If you know a person who is all giddy about cleaning or if everyday has to be exactly the same.
- The boys licked Mette's fingers and she went all Monk on them!

- The girl wanted to go Monk on her room (cleaning it so hard it would finally disappear)
by I am the law! September 13, 2010
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-reject modern practices

-go back to the old ways
-stop being an annoying baboon
"yo, lets sparr then"
-"stop being such a fucking douchebag"
-"go back to monke"
by Sparkleyyy January 29, 2021
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