Person 1: Hey, have you seen John lately?

Person 2: No man, he went ghost, I haven't seen him in weeks.


Person 3: Dude, I came home shitfaced last night.

Person 4: Damn, what did your parents do?

Person 3: They're pissed. I guess I'm going ghost for a while.
by wellykid December 11, 2011
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When after a date you straight up ignore a persons texts or calls until they stop texting you instead of having the balls to tell them that you just aren't interested.
"Hey how's it going with that chick you went out with last week?"

"She's not my type. She texted me and asked me out again so I'm just going ghost on her until she gets the message. "
by Wise Willy April 9, 2014
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When you're about to bust a nut in your girl and you pull out resulting in you covering her in a sheet, much like a ghost
by Danny phenton July 3, 2017
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when someone says “going ghost” they are very depressed and is going to commit suicide.

By the Douglas james Christian smith association
“I’m going ghost because of you”
“Bro did you hear Doug went ghost
by Danny phantom smith February 14, 2020
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To disappear from social functions, and media without notifying others. Going ghost is typically considered to be an odd way act.
Girl#1: Have you seen Jaden?
Girl#2: No he kept saying he was going to Go Ghost ......
by Jaden:) November 7, 2019
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To "disappear" by not calling, texting, or talking to a certain person. "Going ghost" is a move typically used by friends w/ benefits or booty calls when they no longer want to associate with the other person, but it can also describe a friend you haven't heard from in a long time.

To "go ghost" can also be described as "fading out."
Girl 1: "Have you seen Jordan lately?"
Girl 2: "Nah, he went ghost on me all of a sudden!"

Boy 1: "Jamal, where you been? I see you tryna go ghost on me son!"
Boy 2: "I just been busy, you know you my boy!"
by whitewitadonk April 20, 2010
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When you creampie and you shout "I'm going ghost! And disappear out of her life forever
Him: Oops I'm going ghost!
Her : Nani!?
by 6ankai May 8, 2019
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