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What someone's says when there laying in bed playing on there phone so they don't have to talk
"Last night he said he was going to bed but he liked some bitches pic on instagram"
by wow._.kcb September 11, 2016
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telling people during a party that you're going to sleep but rarely end up in a bed
guy 1: dude its 5am im going to bed
guy 2: bitch get off my counter
guy 1: sorry
by brofosho September 19, 2007
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When you decide to move away from your computer to "sleep" when you really just lie in bed with your phone.
Man I really should start "going to bed," I've been on the computer for like 9 hours.
by The Riddlr December 21, 2013
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code for losers who don't get any pussy to say they are going to bed but in actuality they are going to jerk off. trying to sound like they are too cool.
Matt just made a Jib Jab video of a buddy dancing but we all knew he was going to spank his monkey and he told us he was "going to bed".
by the meme war master May 08, 2016
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