To enter into an activity with unparalleled enthusiasm and fervor.
I'm so hungry, I'm going in on this chicken pot pie!

Oooh this is my jam I'm going in on the dance floor!
by #TeamHellaSwag September 16, 2010
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To do anything considered wild behavior or to freestyle as in rapping
They bout to get a cipher we going in.
by OriGinaL CompLex September 10, 2008
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Various definitions

1) To murk someone via a cuss/diss/boiment/par
2) To get excited/become excitable about something minute
3) To portray general outlandishness
4) To produce fantastic lyrical performance in a rap/spit.
Example 1:

Person 1: (Laughs) Your shape up is nuts! (Laughs) How can you go to the barbers and come out looking worse than before like Edward scissor hands cut your hair! Par!

Person 2: (Laughs) Allow it, you're GOING IN on him!

Example 2:

Person 1: Jheeeeezeee!! I'm that guy!! I got an A in my GCSE Food technology! Suwoo!!

Person 2: Rah, you're GOING IN, still. These times nobody cares about Food Tech, you ain't Ainsley Harriet.

Example 3:

*Guy walks past wearing hot pants*

Person 1: (Laughs hysterically) What is that bruddah doin' wearing them mad tight pants! He's GOING IN with the hot pants!

Example 4:

*Listening to American Rapper J Cole:*

"Aye nigga I'm the best man, as if my best friend was getting married,
Even with my eye closed I'm something like a visonary,
Paint you a perfect picture nigga this is picturnary,
Man they goin have to put my picture in the dictionary,
Right next to real then put your picture right next to fictionary..."

Person 1: Jheeze, J Cole GOES IN on this track!
by ManuchoGoncalves November 02, 2010
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Takes place when you feel the spirit of the lord go through and overwhelm you into tears and/or til you start shouting.
by AJay_BigBlue August 14, 2009
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Counterstrike term to: "Go! Go! Go!"

"Go! Go! Go!" is a recorded message that is activated through the use of key commands.
Player 1: Come on they planted the bomb!

Player 2: God dammit this loser is blocking the path!

Player 3: Go! Go! Go!

Player 1: STFU

Player 2: n00b

Player 3: Go! Go! Go!

Sound "Go! Go! Go!" is repeated rapidly by Player 3 n00b until he is booted by the admin or they all are fucking naded becuase they are too close together.
by John December 28, 2004
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Especially with military movies, the person in command of a military team says Go! Go! Go! when his/her team is about to head into a battle. This term is overused and can also be used by kids who think they are cool 😑
“Alright team let’s head up north, Go! Go! Go!”
by 2dollarsushi September 22, 2020
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