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To do anything considered wild behavior or to freestyle as in rapping
They bout to get a cipher we going in.
by OriGinaL CompLex September 10, 2008
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to catch wreck on a microphone, as in to enter the recording booth and murder a 16 bar verse or entire song. The goal is to keep it raw, like pornstars in the 70s with no protection.
Interlude: Jadakiss (Ghostface Killah)
Ah-hah! I might gotta take my shirt off (yeah, kid...)
I like that one (uh-huh, go in, go in!)

Weezy before his verse on A Milli: "Mac I'm going in"

by MetalLungies September 15, 2008
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Various definitions

1) To murk someone via a cuss/diss/boiment/par
2) To get excited/become excitable about something minute
3) To portray general outlandishness
4) To produce fantastic lyrical performance in a rap/spit.
Example 1:

Person 1: (Laughs) Your shape up is nuts! (Laughs) How can you go to the barbers and come out looking worse than before like Edward scissor hands cut your hair! Par!

Person 2: (Laughs) Allow it, you're GOING IN on him!

Example 2:

Person 1: Jheeeeezeee!! I'm that guy!! I got an A in my GCSE Food technology! Suwoo!!

Person 2: Rah, you're GOING IN, still. These times nobody cares about Food Tech, you ain't Ainsley Harriet.

Example 3:

*Guy walks past wearing hot pants*

Person 1: (Laughs hysterically) What is that bruddah doin' wearing them mad tight pants! He's GOING IN with the hot pants!

Example 4:

*Listening to American Rapper J Cole:*

"Aye nigga I'm the best man, as if my best friend was getting married,
Even with my eye closed I'm something like a visonary,
Paint you a perfect picture nigga this is picturnary,
Man they goin have to put my picture in the dictionary,
Right next to real then put your picture right next to fictionary..."

Person 1: Jheeze, J Cole GOES IN on this track!
by ManuchoGoncalves November 02, 2010
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Takes place when you feel the spirit of the lord go through and overwhelm you into tears and/or til you start shouting.
by AJay_BigBlue August 14, 2009
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