The meaning of going hard, crazy; action of being done in the moment. Doing crazy shit......!
I was goin ham at the club last night with all of my friends.
by longdonksilvers March 3, 2015
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1.) The act of going out and getting smashed, blown, messed up, or getting your rear kicked by too much alcohol and doing it like none other.

2.) To be doing it to the extreme, the fullest, etc.
1.) Person 1: Dude, whatchu gonna be up to tonight?
Person 2: I'mma be goin' ham up in this peice!

2.) Person 1: They don't mess with me cause they know I be goin' ham.
by Ebonics_Man April 30, 2010
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Similar to going "Gipper"

created by the awesome rapper Optimo 55
by Koolaidohyea October 7, 2011
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A play on the original acronym HAM, but to a more extreme effect..

1) To go HAM (hard as a motherfuc*er) so nasty, you are reminiscent of Darvin Ham's monster dunks.

2) Slam 'dunking' anything. Implication of goin-in hard.

*shout out to JM
1 - Bill on his bender last week slammed 3 cute girls, 5 fat girls, woke up in a barn twice, got a unicorn tramp stamp tattoo to win a bet, and at one point was found completely duct taped to a wall. The kid was goin Darvin Ham all week!

2 - "How'd things go with that girl last night? Did you go-in?

"Let's put it this way.. we were goin Darvin Ham all over the place. Broke her coffee table, faucet, bed frame, and apartment elevator! It was out of control

* may also be used with a project proposal at work, awkward serving of divorce papers, etc.
by DANGER!! April 5, 2011
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