Worldwide pop music sensation, Lady Gaga has changed the music scene as we know it. Many cult like fans take refuge in the idea the pop singer is godly; Alluding to her being a "Godga"
"I pray to lady Godga in times of need"

"Godga's music saves me"
by thomas.tomcat March 5, 2010
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The most talented artist and goddess of music, Lady Gaga.
-i wanna be like “godga
-“godga” is very talented
-we Love “godga”
by Alen666 August 16, 2020
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A nick name and term used for Lady Gaga when she's actually better then any female singer for example; Taylocal (Taylor Swift) accept for Madonna because that's her biggest inspiration.
Oh my gosh Slady Godga slayed the VMAs with her incredible performance while singing live and dancing at the same time without running out of breath.
by Shadyuser August 17, 2020
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