What you call someone who attracts females without doing anything like that person is a God , but then just plays with them like they are nothing, never truly going after them but still showing serious attraction.Thus showing his devious, Man-like qualities through his otherwise Godliness.
Person 1:Yo you saw who John got she is super fine.How is he not treating her like a queen?
Person 2:Eh, John's a God Man he's gonna flirt with her but in the end he's just gonna lead her on and hurt her.
by theboiwiththesoundcloud February 23, 2018
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A blonde haired man, usually tall in stature. Having many talents and appearing God-like to women.
by -shortstack January 25, 2011
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If god is every thing then he may also be a man or a male squirl
God is a man, I agree
by EliasIsn't Gay October 11, 2020
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An incredibly big deal who doesn't appreciate everone's sarcasm. He's half man, and half god. The word can define many celebrities, such as Charlie Sheen. The word is used sparingly.
Man, that guy Jarrod over there is such a man-god!
by Jgatz108 June 12, 2011
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1)Known as half man, half god. It's hyphenated. I checked.
2)Does not tolerate back-sass.
3)A big deal. People know him.
4) known for his constant "winning"
Man, that guy Jarrod is so cool. He's a man-god.
by Jgatz108 June 11, 2011
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