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What you call someone who attracts females without doing anything like that person is a God , but then just plays with them like they are nothing, never truly going after them but still showing serious attraction.Thus showing his devious, Man-like qualities through his otherwise Godliness.
Person 1:Yo you saw who John got she is super fine.How is he not treating her like a queen?
Person 2:Eh, John's a God Man he's gonna flirt with her but in the end he's just gonna lead her on and hurt her.
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by theboiwiththesoundcloud February 24, 2018
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The ultimate-est superhero. He likes your boobies inside your shirt, but he cannot know the pleasures of the flesh because he is too Good. GodMan sees all His creations as good, and thusly wears a cape called the GoodCape. Some mistake this for the GodCape because of the similarity in spelling, but those are sinners and they'll be smoted-ed-ed one day. GodMan doesn't take too kindly to people in his later days, commanding this one dude to kill his son at one point and all that fucked up shiznitmotherfucker. Nah but really man, GodMan's your dude. He's your homie, and shit. Like woah.
Holy shit dude, I saw GodMan one day, and my eyes fucking elxpodled!
by Titty sprinkles. June 24, 2009
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