Oh wait, GoDaddy is a website for making your own website...
GoDaddy is a paid service by the way.
by Twight0931 April 16, 2017
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When a girl invites you back to her room with all the potential in the world but when you get there she wants nothing.
An occurance the same as the GoDaddy commercials.
A girl invites you to go back to her room... and right when you enter the room her ex-boyfriend calls. You were GoDaddyed just like in the commercials.
by Scbro June 10, 2010
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The yearly automatic renewal fees one pays for unused domain names registered while intoxicated.

A logical consequence of being a geek and drinking.
Dude, I registered that domain after drunken bender over three years ago. I just noticed I'm still getting GoDaddy taxed on it.
by Cap'nBob August 17, 2010
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