The act of getting stoned with one or more of your friends. Getting reaallllly baked.

Origin:It was a code phrase/name created for camp counselors who wanted to say they wanted to get high without being detected then "randomly drug tested". So if one were to use this phrase it would inform a fellow counselor that tonight would be a "good night",but, to the untrained ear, it would appear that two or more people just really love the savings that Walmart can provide to the average upstate New York camp counselor.
1:Hey mat do you wanna go to Walmart(get shit faced then get paid to watch another person's child) to today?

2:Man i went to Walmart last night and the savings were incredible(i got so baked last night i could actually see biblical scenes taking place before my eyes)

3.Man i have such a bad headache...I'm going to walmart for some advil(its been rough and i need some medical shit up in here)

4. Dude last night we went to Walmart and it turns out the TV was cheaper over at Pathmark (some guy tried to sell us shwag as dro, but we are an educated consumer)
by Beaver Lake November 5, 2007
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code phrase for "going to steal shit at walmart". the term "going to walmart" implies shoplifting because that is the purpose of any visit to walmart.
Michael: "i want a rip stick. we are going to walmart..."
Alex: "i was thinking the same thing, im hungry. bring your poofy jacket chris."
Chris: "fuckkk yeahh"
by Awwwrex January 4, 2011
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Code for, "I am going to the bathroom now because I have to fart and/or poo."

Other variations include:

"Everything is on sale at Walmart," indicating diarrhea.
"I bought something bad at Walmart," indicating extra smelly poo or farts.
I just had a laxative, I will be going to Walmart soon.
Outta my way, this one's gonna stink! I'mma head to Walmart!
Hey! Stop going to Walmart in my living room!
by Boom Level Prime October 10, 2022
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A snarky way of saying "stay on target". (Since Walmart and Target are the two big department store chains in the US, saying "don't go to Walmart" is meant to conjure up the familiar phrase "star on target". )
While Jasper works with Becky on their joint science project, constructing a psychodelic ant farm, Jasper says "Hey I think the new Taco Bell on 4th street gets the order right more than any place in town."
Becky responds by handing him the super-glue and says "Jasper, don't go to Walmart on me."
by valleylad December 12, 2014
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Going Walmart on someone is what happens when a normally classy and put-together person gets to such a level of anger and/or annoyance at someone or something that they go off on the person/object and act in a manner that might be associated with the average white trash clientele of your average California Walmart.
She pissed me off so badly that I had to Go WalMart on her in front of everyone and called her a raging cunt and told her to fuck off.

My boyfriend was being such a jack-ass that I had to Go WalMart on him in the middle of the restaurant.

I'm about to Go WalMart on this crappy computer and beat the shit out of it if it doesn't start functioning correctly.
by Skipper7 February 24, 2011
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verb, noun Go-ing Wal-mart Spinoff of term, "Going Postal" infers to the act of committing gun violence in a series of workplace violence related killing rampages of recent times.
Going Walmart. *Slang: 1. The boss seems pretty irritable right now, God I hope he doesn't go "Walmart" on us. 2. Don't chew' go n' pull a "Walmart" like wtf's gone down before, bruh! 3. Betta' stay outa' da' breakroom today cuz'! That one boss is workin' tunite' yo. 4. Best walk around to the side door dawg! Ima see a employee pullin' in wid' his pickup truck at a high rate of speed towards the front door man. Let's book it!!!
by bovobruh December 31, 2022
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