1) When playing the board game Trivial Pursuit, you roll a 6 while you are on the hub. With this roll, you can pick the wedge you want to try for, because each wedge is only 6 spaces away.
"I am so lucky! First roll of the game, and I get to go shopping."
by geniusonwheels January 12, 2009
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another alternative meaning where usually someone from a northern town asks you if you are going to the shop, it is spoken in a lalib accent.
come on, erm adda go shop?
by lalib demmahom May 2, 2008
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Looking round at an event in order to find a cracking memeber of the public that you wish to engage in dirty and flithy activites
*Walks into a party*

Dude 1: She is hot

Dude 2: Lets Go Shopping first there has to be better girls than that
by John Sainsburys August 1, 2011
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To sit on the front railing of a shopping cart with your legs open. Usually with someone pushing you to crash into something like a pole or pillar.
The red striped man called out "I'm going shopping with my nuts" then he learned what happens at the end when he hurt his nuts at the pole.
by Paul Stompbox December 30, 2019
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When someone with a lazy eye is not wearing the prescribed glasses and their eye is wonkey.
Dude, one eye is going into the shop, the other is coming out with the change. LOL!
by MrSmithy251 August 30, 2010
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