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shut up. go home. get out. go away.
a remark used after a stupid statment.
Example 1.
*in class*
person 1: hey check my new belt out.
person 2: go to bedddd.

Example 2. henry
by Walish Brooks January 07, 2008
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The step up from "STFU" because "STFU" just causes you to lose the right to talk where as "Go to Bed" takes away your right of consciousness for that day. Being told this is considered extremely offensive, and it is abbreviated to "GTB" for easier use on forums and other things involving the internet.
Eaxample 1:

Person 1: I could 0wn you with my level 45 paladin n00b!
Person not 1: Go to Bed Neine Fro!

Example 2:

Person A: You are a jerk...
Person B: GTB
by xX Allanon Xx January 10, 2007
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an annoying phrase often used by intimate couples when addressing younger siblings.
go to bed
by hadley February 07, 2004
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60s/70s euphemism for "have sex"
I think I'll ask Nancii out Friday night, I want to go to bed with her.
by Jake February 11, 2004
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Meaning either "go away" or "leave me alone". Sometimes used as an insult to make one feel childish as if it was past their bed time.
Nicole: Hey man, get off the computer
Bobby: Go to bed you bitch
by Nicole February 07, 2004
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