Gnosis is the first hand experience of what people have commonly called God.
Instead of believing in God because she was told about God, Jane felt the presence of God and had a visionary experience of God called Gnosis.
by fred ressler April 8, 2017
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The text hidden from the public view by the Cathlic church demed as hersey. These texts counterdicted the way the church was run. Many who still preached these teachings were burned by the church.
The Cathlic church says God is in the church, the Gnosis text say he is all around us no matter where you look.
by Fred October 20, 2004
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See A.G.W.S.. It contains the full definition.
See A.G.W.S. It contains the full definition.
by Psydon August 11, 2004
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Finding the true definition of the word "based".
I have attained Gnosis... I finally know what "based" really means.
by oliviolacg January 22, 2021
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