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Dome (oral sex) so good its magical, like a Gnome. Gnome rhymes with dome so thats why its used. Its a magical experience to recieve gnome dome, one that few rarely experience.
Otter: I gotta get that Gnome Dome
Nick: Wtf are you talkin' about
Otter: Dome so good its magical
by OTTER333 December 01, 2009
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When a short person, or midget, gives you head.
Guy 1- "damn dood, Caroline is such a gnome-dome."
Guy 2- "Caroline? The short girl?"
Guy 1- "yeah bruh"
Guy 2- "that's my sister!"
by Wyldmann27 February 24, 2015
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Getting dome (head) from the little gnomes who run around office buildings giving dome (head) to those who are in need of some dome (head)
Yo, I was about to pass out from boredom at work and and then BAM Gnome Dome!
by Evan C. November 06, 2007
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(n); refers to a hovel where gnomes generally reside; a bald midget
George saw a gnome dome, so he kicked it down and ate all of the gnomes residing within; Troy Vernon has a gnome dome
by midgetsnatcher August 21, 2003
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