Abbreviation for "Good night". Used in texting.

It is lazy, rude, and indifferent term, however. A good way to show people that you don't care enough about them to write them full words. A decent person who genuinely care about others would never use this abbreviation.
Friend A texting: I need to sleep now. Take care! :)
Friend B: Gn!
Friend A: Thanks.....
*Friend A Thinking* Oh the effort......
by Equanimity August 22, 2015
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When a guy or girl is trying to say goodnight to you but is gonna stay up texting other people

A way to say I don’t wanna talk to yo ass anymore without being rude


Jakes snap score-*goes up 50 in the next 10 mins*
by Yeah ok... December 2, 2019
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(n.) a name commonly designated to someone who is being described as a Goofy Nigga
by fjdghlsdh definer January 30, 2022
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Abbreviation for "Good Night". Usually used in texting / messaging.
by GuyThatLikesWater July 6, 2020
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a toxic phrase used after fucking someone's shit up on a video game
*slaps the other team that’s talking shit*

by delgui :( July 6, 2020
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- Your pretty awesome.
- YOU'RE!!!! YOU'RE!!!!
- Ok ok damn GN
by somenamelessdude May 5, 2012
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An acronym for "graphic novel". A sort of expanded comic book but one that tells a complete story rather than a classic comic book in which the story does not have a traditional ending and may be told for years.
Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns and V for Vendetta are all considered milestone GNs.
by Tommyt March 11, 2009
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