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Similar to the Blumpkin, however the oral sex received by the male while taking a dump is given by a person with no teeth. (Blumpkin + Gummer = Glumpkin)
Your toothless whore of a grandmother sure can give a mean Glumpkin!
I'm going to punch out your sister's teeth so she can give me a true Glumpkin.
by Steve Fron Superior January 20, 2009
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During the act of oral sex, one holds thier flatuence until the point of orgasm and then releases the fart while ejaculating
A: "What the hell was that?"
Brian: "That was a Glumpkin, bitch"
by Swiss Cheddah January 01, 2008
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a dirty sloppy wet gumby when taking a massive shit

its a gumby and a blumpkin at the same time
yo my nigg the other day i was takeing my shit when your grandma walked in and delerious as she was she gave me a nasty glumpkin.

his nigg: WTF AWWWWWLLGHGFGHG mmhm,m dude wtf why... i think im gonna uhuh ..... i think i- im gonna go get one ill see ya later bro.
by harry s taint September 21, 2011
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When a dude recives oral sex (from a girl or a guy)while taking a shit on the toilet.
Yeah i liked that girl, but she wouldnt even gimme a glumpkin so i droped that bitch.
by -spartan- March 15, 2003
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